Email Address:
Children’s names and ages:
1. What room(s) do you need help designing?
2. If expecting, what is your due date? Do you know, or are you planning on finding out the sex of the baby?
3. If adopting, do you know the child’s age and sex?
4. If doing an older child’s room, what is their age, name and sex?
5. Will more than one child be living in the space?
Yes No  
6. What are the primary uses of the space going to be? (i.e., do you need space for homework, play or media?).
7. Do you own or rent your home?
         a. If you rent, what are your limitations on changing things in the space, i.e. paint, moldings etc.?
8. What would you say your overall design style is?
9. Do you tend to be drawn to one design style? ( modern, traditional, craftsman, transitional, eclectic, etc)
10. What design style are you hoping to put in your child’s room?
11. Do you have a color palette in mind?
12. Do you want your child’s space to be strongly gender associated or more neutral?
Boy Girl Neutral    
13. What types of patterns are you drawn to?
14. Do you have any inspirational material from which to base the space on? (please include photos)
15. What are some of your favorite home stores?
16. What are your priorities as far as the following:
a. Paint:
a. Lighting:
a. Furniture:
a. Window Treatments:
a. Custom Touches
a. Organization:
17. Does anyone in your home suffer from allergies? If so, which?
18. How important is incorporating green design into the new space?
Very Somewhat Not    
19. Do you have any design “pet peeves”?
20. Do you have any ideas or themes that you are totally opposed to having incorporated into the space?
21. How tall are the parents or adults using the space?
22. Which directions does the room face or have window exposure on?
23. What type of flooring is in the space? What color is it?
24. Do you want to change the flooring?
Yes No  
25. What is the wall texture?
26. Do you want to change it?
Yes No  
What kinds of lighting/fan fixtures are in the space?
28. Do you have access to change electrical fixtures?
Yes No  
29. How many windows and doors are in the space?
30. Which directions do they face?
31. Is there a bathroom connected to the space?
Yes No  
32. How many closets are in the space?
33. Do you need more storage/closet space?
Yes No  
34. What is existing in terms of furniture, artwork etc. that you wish to incorporate into the space? (please include photos)
35. Do you have a budget in mind? What is it?
36. When do you need the project to be completed?
37. Are you interested in “turn key” design, where everything is put away, clothes hung up, closet organized etc?
Yes No  
38. What are your overall expectations of Hudson Baby?
Please feel free to share any additional information, wants, and needs etc.:
1. Ceiling height:
2. Length of each wall:
3. Window sizes:
4. Door sizes:
5. Closet sizes:
6. Location of windows on walls:
7. Location of doors on walls:

Please attach photos of:
1. All walls, please label N,S,E,W
2. Ceiling
3. Flooring
4. Favorite design photo or photo of your home that best describes your taste.
Repeat for bathroom if included.

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Thank you for taking the time to answer this survey. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us:
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