1. Why should I hire a designer?
We can help you find your style and execute a truly custom look for your space. Hiring a designer will insure that your space is completely unique and exactly what you want. Working with a designer can help you avoid making costly mistakes and provide you with reliable, skilled contractors and specialists in the trade.

2. Will I be charged for the first meeting?
No, the first meeting allows for you to review the designer’s portfolio, discuss styles and pricing, and decide whether you want to move forward or not.

3. How do designers charge?
There are several ways to work with us. The most common way is for an hourly design fee to be charged for all design work. In addition, if items are ordered through the designer, an additional mark up is charged. We can also work with you on a consultation basis. This is an hourly fee spent on all time consulting with you on the space. You then order what you wish on your own.

4. Why is there a mark up?
Job coordination, ordering, tracking, scheduling, making sure things are in stock etc., are all part of managing your job. The markup is charged to cover the management of all of the elements that go into getting your products to you and providing you with peace of mind that everything arrives just as you wish.

5. How expensive is hiring a designer?
How much you spend on a designer really depends on your personal situation and what kind of agreement you wish to have with your designer. We are capable of working with any budget to produce a space that you love.

6. What styles do you work with?
We can create any style you wish. We can even help you find your style if you are not quite sure which direction you want to go.

7. How can I prepare to meet with a Designer for the first time?
Start by collecting photos or magazine clippings of spaces or things that you like and bring them to your meeting so you have a jumping off point. Also, it is a good idea to have a loose number in mind for your budget. Start thinking about how much you want to contribute to this space. Have fun! Working with a designer should be a fun and enlightening experience!
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